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Professional Negligence Litigation

Galligan Johnston Solicitors specialise in seeking recovery for clients who have suffered losses as a result of the negligence of their appointed professionals.  We have built up a particular track record against solicitors’ firms in cases of manifest negligence.  These cases have resulted in significant recovery for clients.

There are many pitfalls to taking such actions.  The court cases are often very intricate and can involve complex conveyancing and tax issues.  It is for this reason that we work with our panel of expert witnesses who have vast experience in assessing whether or not a professional has fallen so short of the relevant guidelines for practice as to be negligent.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a cost paid by all solicitors, accountants and tax advisors to provide for such claims and therefore in the vast majority of claims, a successful claim will lead to actual recovery.

The Statute of Limitations places a time limit on when such claims can be brought and swift action may be required depending on the circumstances.  Time is often of the essence by the time a client presents to us with a potential claim.  Early and thorough preparation and investigation is the key to increasing chances of success.

If you have suffered a loss as a result of what you suspect is your professional’s negligence, please contact Sam Saarsteiner, head of our Litigation Department, on 01-6344680 or ssaarsteiner@gjs.ie.